A Parenting Journey Beyond Sleep

  Meet Shawnee Baker    Health care & developmental parent-support professional

Meet Shawnee Baker

Health care & developmental parent-support professional

SHAWNEE LYNN BAKER, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Parent Educator, Certified Holistic Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Coach.  Shawnee has over twenty years experience caring for thousands of babies and toddlers throughout her career. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to parents when navigating sleep, feeding and toddler challenges at home. Shawnee has worked primarily in the NICU throughout her career at leading hospitals such as Brigham and Womens in Boston and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  Shawnee is also the mother of three children who inspired her to launch a new career.  After leaving the nursing profession to work full-time as the owner and founder of her own parent consulting business, she began to identify a need for nighttime parenting strategies that followed a mother's instincts, without resorting to traditional sleep training. Shawnee has supported thousands of families to find successful sleep solutions through connected parenting startegies by blending parenting concepts and sleep science together. She understands the common thread among parents today for raising children with emotional intelligence. Families who seek support from Shawnee are looking for an alternative solution without compromizing emotional wellness.