Pediatric, Neonatal RN, IBCLC, Certified Holistic Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Developmental Care Specialist, Parent Educator, Instructor and Coach.

Holistic Sleep Solutions without Sleep Training


"Conscious parenting is a game changer because it doesn't try to change the child, just ourselves as parents. It holds that once the parent creates the right conditions, the child will naturally evolve toward higher consciousness. " Dr. Shefali Tsabary


Solutions are based on neuroscience, research on attachment, connected relationships, and social-emotional learning concepts. Parenting strategies and sleep philosophies are changing. Sleep is the result of a well-balanced child. Experts leading this change include:

  • Dr. Daniel Seigel,
  • Dr. Bruce Perry,
  • Dr. Laura Markham,
  • Dr. Gabor Mate,
  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld,
  • Janet Lansbury,
  • Patty Wipfler
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary.  

Each one has been an amazing mentor and teacher for blending sleep concepts with modern parenting, teaching connection, emotion and dysregulation of the CNS.

"Hi Shawnee! I just wanted to let you know that not only did S. completely SKIP the 8 month sleep regression, but we traveled on 2 separate occasions this summer for a full week each time and had zero issues returning home. AND she's now 19 months old and no sign of the 18 month sleep regression. I'm so amazed. She got 8 teeth without nighttime waking. Learned to walk. Started to say words. Dropped a nap. All these huge developmental leaps and slept through them all. You helped me instill the most wonderful sleep habits!!! She sleeps 11 hours every night and naps for 2 hours each day.  Anyway thought I'd let you know you worked wonders. In the past 14 months she's required my nighttime assistance less than 10 times. A true miracle!" Thanks you so much  -R. Levy

A different approach to finding sleep solutions

Sleep training by definition is decribed as leaving a baby alone to cry. Many leading experts have "grave" concerns about the long-term implications of isolated crying. Babies are complex, highly intelligent, intuitive and emotional. Sleep is a vulnerable state where behavioral issues can arise as a result of emotional insecurity, disconnection and the need for co-regulation with the primary caregiver. The goal of supporting parents through emotional concepts is to help build deeper relationships through sleep work, create stronger connections and establish better sleep rhythms. 

The Journey to Conscious Parenting

Blending the concepts of sleep science, nutrition, sensory play, emotional wellness, attachment, and conscious parenting helps provides clarity for parents. When you choose connection over disconnection, when you choose to "let go" of controlling your child, and allow them to evolve into the spiritual being they are, they will begin to teach you. By simply providing space for them to be fully expressive without allowing your own desires for them get in the way. Setting safe boundaries with respect and supporting them along the way, leads the path towards better sleep. Remember, sleep is the result of multiple endogenous and exogenous factors.