Pediatric, Neonatal RN, IBCLC, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Infant Sleep Specialist, Parent Educator, Instructor and Coach.

Sleep without Sleep Training 

Solutions based on neuroscience, connected relationships and social-emotional concepts. Parenting strategies and sleep phylosophies are changing. Behavioral modification is becoming less popular among leading experts. Dr. Daniel Seigel, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Janet Lansbury and Dr. Shefali Tsabury have all been amazing mentors and teachers who've helped me blend sleep concepts with modern parenting.

"Conscious parenting is a game changer because it because it doesn't try to change the child, just ourselves as parents. It holds that once the parent creates the right conditions, the child will naturally evolve toward higher consciousness. " Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Yes, this works and your baby will sleep again! 

"Hi Shawnee! I just wanted to let you know that not only did S. completely SKIP the 8 month sleep regression, but we traveled on 2 separate occasions this summer for a full week each time and had zero issues returning home (the 1st week away was rougher on her but the 2nd was a total non event sleep wise). AND she's now 19 months old and no sign of the 18 month sleep regression. I'm so amazed. She got 8 teeth without nighttime waking. Learned to walk. Started to say words. Dropped a nap. All these huge developmental leaps and slept through them all. You helped me instill the most wonderful sleep habits!!! She sleeps 11 hours every night and naps for 2 hours each day. Biggest problem is she's a terrible car sleeper lol. Anyway thought I'd let you know you worked wonders. In the past 14 months she's required my nighttime assistance less than 10 times. A true miracle!" Thanks you so much, R. Levy

Avoiding Emotional Crisis

Babies are complex, highly intelligent, intuative and emotional. The most fragile of all species, humans are born without the survival skills of other mammals. A baby's nervous system is hard wired to connect with their mother's nervous system, the mother-baby "dyad." They begin life using the right side of their brain and respond to emotionally available parents. Sleep is a vulnerable state where behavioral issues can arise as a result of emotional insecurity, disconnection and the need for co-regulation with the primary caregiver. Understanding that sleep is a natural process, often hindered by culture, high expectations, emotion, and parenting practices changes everything. 

Looking at sleep through a different lens, shifting the parenting paradym and uncovering the barriers that prevent your baby from peacefully surrendering to sleep and staying asleep is the mission of sleep through conscious parenting. Sleep solutions do not require sleep training, having an understanding of normal sleep patterns, sleep science, emotional sleep associations, and realistic expectations at each age of development paves the way for sleep to evolve naturally. By supporting and empowering moms, connecting heart-to-heart, focusing on emotional wellness, healing the past, managing self doubt and knowing yourself as a parent we can create a sense of emotional security in your child. This goes beyond behavior and looks at the emotional aspects of the relationship. Beyond sleep, our goal is to guide you and teach you how to connect on a deeper level with your baby or child to not only change the way your baby or child sleeps, but to change the dynamic with you as a parent forever. Your baby or toddler does not need to be conditioned or trained to change their behavior. Behavior is a message, they are asking us for help, to look within our hearts to become conscious and aware. Our babies and children are here to teach us about ourselves, let me show you how and let's work together to meet their needs.

The Journey to Conscious Parenting

Blending the concepts of sleep science, nutrition, holistic sleep and conscious parenting has truly been a game changer. When you chose connection over disconnection, when you chose to "let go" of controlling your child, and when you decide to let your child evolve into the spiritual being they are, they will begin to teach you! By simply providing space to be fully expressive, to let them be who they are, not who you want them to be, by setting boundaries with respect and supporting the emotion your child begins to embrace sleep. This is the blend of conscious parenting and sleep work! What kind of parent do you want to be? Always"start" the way you intend to "finish!" Sleep results from letting go, babies find ways to settle to sleep when emotion is addressed first. Behavior and parent coaching for toddlers is also based on emotion, once again the solution lies within the relationship and discovering the root of the problem before applying strategies and limits. With this process things begin to flow so much easier! 

For years, generations of parents have jumped in with both feet, unprepared for the journey of parenthood, navigating the trenches with“trial and error!”  Today we have more options...

Experience and research makes a big difference! Providing hands on care to thousands of infants and toddlers over the past twenty years, spending countless hours teaching families, supporting babies and understanding their needs, has  provided me with tremendous insight, a gift many other professionals never get to see. It was through my career as a NICU nurse that the need for professional parenting support became clear. Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever have! The need for Advanced Nurturing became evident and helping parents with sleep solutions using emotional wellness through connection became my mission. Expanding my education to sleep consulting and parent coaching provided me with more insight and gave me the tools to help parents navigate their own journey. My personal experience with my middle son as a young baby and toddler, taught me some of my hardest lessons.  Experiencing first hand, as a mom, while applying my knowledge as a professional, an educator and a sleep coach I can tell you the books don't have all the answers! Because of Tristan, I can relate exactly to what my clients are experiencing, I've been there. Tiny humans can be complex!