Shifting Comfort Zones with Responsive Parenting

"Babies develop self-agency by 6mos and have the full spectrum of emotion by 9 months."


Dear Fellow Mom, 

I know how it feels to worry and want what’s best for your baby or child. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with advice and infromation, not knowing who to trust and what choice is the best one for your family.  I'm here to tell you that you are the expert!! Your relationship with your baby or child must always come first. Trust yourself as a mother, trust your intincts and follow your own intuition. I'm here to help you see the forest for the trees, so you can find your own internal compass and know that you are an amazing mom. Let's talk about the decisions you need to make for your family and the best way to approach night time parenting and sleep. 

The Baby Sleep Solution Package Includes

Initially getting to know each other! Finding a good parenting match and understanding the process.

Complete assessment and review of all intake forms. Investigation of any sleep barriers or road blocks.

Detailed discussion of plan and changes needed, during our one-hour, initial 1:1 confernce call and consultation. 

This comprehensive intitail sleep stratgegy session will address all aspects of early parenting and sleep science

After the initial strategy session you will recieve a summary email, complimentary email module, and several resources.

Beyond the stretegy session the parent coaching bundle includes a total of 3hrs of blocked time to support those changes.

Parenting is hard! It takes a village!! Complete coaching support includes unlimited texts/emails and three weeks of phone support.

Comprehensive 1:1 coaching for three weeks covers all your sleep and parenting challeges: 

  • Feeding routines, sleep routines, sleep structure, ideal rhythms, wake windows age by age
  • Bedtime challenges, sleep associations, patterns, emotional needs, responsive parenting
  • Sleep education and sleep science review, prevention of early rise, frequent night wakings, false starts
  • Balanced naps, extended naps, activity, sunlight, ideal sleep environments and more!

During the three weeks you will also receive the parenting package by email, this includes the puzzle peices for sleep

The puzzle peices include 15 lessons for building a stronger more connected relationship with your baby through sleep.

You will also have scheduled calls every M-W-F for encouragement and guidance along the way, as well as daily texts

Along with coaching through breastfeeding, emotion, sleep and new parenting challenges you will have access to our online groupsFacebook group community, mommy village weekly webinars, baby-led sleep courses, and our e-book! 

Coaching Calls and Strategy Sessions

These can be booked at any time for a complete assessment and review of your child's sleep with supportive strategies to make the changes needed. 

We will discuss establishing rhythms and routines, while following natural biorhythms, supporting baby emotion, encouraging responsive parenting, building trusting relationships and fostering deeper connections.

  • Understanding why your baby's right brain dominance matters so much, and how to be more attuned to body language cues
  • Co-regulation between the primary caregiver and baby, how to optimize this tool and use natures design the best way
  • Understanding emotional development, knowing when to calm and soothe your baby and when to help them down-regulate
  • Introduction to conscious parenting, mindful mothering and early emotional parenting practices to improve sleep for your baby or child
  • Sleep science, rhythms, routines, patterns, environment, and the parents emotional well-being, the details and basics of sleep foundations
  • Balancing nutrition and sleep, weaning strategies and options for managing night feeds at each age.