Is your Baby Overstimulated?

Excellent Parenting Begins With YOU! After all, you are your child's first teacher!


Babies Learn best from Human Interactions with Caregivers they Trust!

Our brains are hard wired to learn specifically from our caregivers. Like primates, we are genetically designed to mimic others and watch behaviors closely. Babies who have more personal “one-on-one” interactions and less bucket time, are better equipped to handle adversities. Having primary caregivers cannot be emphasized enough! Parents and nannies play a significant role in a child’s early development. These bonds are imperative for infant mental health.

Baby’s can become overstimulated with crowds and new people. Socialization is important but overstimulation can impede learning. Knowing when to engage in baby class and when to teach at home is important for your baby’s development. The first year builds a great foundation and must be carefully managed to balance your baby’s needs. Early learning through nurturing can start right away, skills such as baby sign language have been noted with babies as young a five months old. What you do with your child from birth to three years of age affects the structure of their brain. These years are critical to brain development and strongly influence how your chid will behave as an adult. 

The first and strongest indicators of success are noted with emotional attachment and connectedness. Brain development is dependent on strong emotional connections. By removing distractions and preventing overstimulation the opportunity for learning improves. Good nutrition and healthy consolidated sleep are also major components of accelerated learning. The foundation for brain development is based on early experiences provided for your baby. Babies capture experiences more readily than adults and are capable of learning at a very early age. Knowing you have the right ingredients to support optimal brain development is imperative and not as difficult as you think!  

Advanced Nurturing is focused on ensuring those early experiences occur for your baby at the right time and that windows of opportunity for learning are never missed. Through early bird parent coaching services, weekly activities and personalized learning plans are provided with help for parenting challenges along the way! Parenting is hard work! Raising children to be the very best they can be takes a village!

The Following Ingredients are needed for success!! 

#1: Give Baby the Best of You!

Take time for yourself, nurture your needs, avoid isolation and stress.

Without the best YOU, baby cannot thrive. Nannies are great for implementing this role when parents feel burnt out. Advanced Nurturing works with nannies all the time and organizes play programs and learning goals day by day, week by week with help from nannies. Parents can look after themselves and be ready for baby interactions!!

    •    Exercise, socialize, sleep and eat well, indulge a little:)

    •    Put your relationship first, happy marriages provide great soil for growing smart babies

    •    Communicate often with your spouse, share the workload and outsource when you can.


#2: Model Happiness, Gratitude and Good Behavior!

Be Aware, actions speak louder then words.

Not just parents but everyone around your baby needs to be aware of the non-verbal communication they are sending. Working with nannies, grandparents and other caregivers allows everyone to be onboard and keep those in charge of baby, accountable!

    •    Engage when you feel happy, bonding and attachment require positive emotions

    •    Limit the amount of stress your baby is exposed to, stress is toxic to babies

    •    Be aware of your non-verbal communication, babies are experts in reading these cues


#3: Providing Good Nutrition for Both of You!

Stay healthy and strong, role modeling what your eat happens from a young age. Babies are always watching!

    •    Monitor your diet closely when breastfeeding, providing good nutrition is imperative

    •    Breastfeed for at least one year, studies show brain development is significantly improved


#4: Most of All, Give the Gift of Time.

When you're with your WITH your baby! No screen time, no cell phones, no chatting on the phone...your baby deserves YOU!!

    •    Human interaction requires time, something most of us don't have enough of, brains take time to grow

    •    If you don't have enough valuable time, provide a nanny who can give your baby all the time and attention they need

    •    Manage time wisely, even your baby can have wasted time if it is not carefully planned, organized and utilized efficiently

    •    Time is required for bonding, talking, singing, playing, discovering and learning, babies need as much human interaction as possible. The role of Advanced Nurturing is to coordinate services to manage time appropriately within the family and throughout the baby's day. Providing a plan to give your child the best education through human interactions and personal engagements during his or her most alert moments, while managing sleep, nutrition, and behavior along the way.

If you’d like more information on the early bird learning program and can see how parent coaching can keep you and your baby on track, while organizing your time and assisting with your baby’s development. Give me a call! I’d love to tell you more in a free consultation!

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