My Folks Didn't Need a Sleep Coach!

Why Hire a Sleep Coach?

For generations parents have jumped in with both feet and navigated the trenches with little direction, learning as they go, making mistakes along the way and trusting that it will all turn out well in the end. Many of us had exceptional parents, and despite the mistakes along the way we all turned out pretty good! After all, children are very resilient and sometimes those mistakes along the way make us better people. Today’s generation of parents have a much tougher job raising children! Career focused with demanding lifestyles require mom’s to be on their “A” game at all times!! No room for lazy days and sleepless nights! 

Aside form that, we also have the added responsibility of providing our child with the very best start in life! Sure, our parents wanted what was best for us too but the competition back then, was nothing like it is today. Each generation learns from the one before and when you know better you do better! What we now know is that when baby’s sleep, they build brain cells and lay down complex structures and networks, consolidating memories and learning. 

Parenting by trial and error may have been “ok” for our parents, but it might not be the road we want to follow today. Being an exceptional parent today requires the extra steps needed to educate yourself to be as well prepared as possible. Parents can learn the skills they need all on their own, and trusting your instinct and nurturing abilities will lead you down the right path most of the time. However, having the advantage of learning from an expert is an option that many parents chose to take. Just like anyone can work out at the gym without a trainer, or read several diet and nutrition books to find the right weight loss program for you, each of these take time and dedication, and without support, are often unsuccessful. 

The advantage of learning from an expert is an option many parents choose today! 

Many sleep books are available for parenting education and advice, several experts list countless steps online and there’s a sea of information to search through. If you chose to become a sleep expert, please do so before your baby is born so your precious time is dedicated to being spent with your child! However, if you decide that you’d rather not take the trail and error approach and agree that much more is on the line when it comes to raising children today, consider a sleep coach! It’s much easier to have someone teach you and guide you through these complex sleep challenges, than to navigate the books and google the answers alone. 

Hiring a professional who is educated in the field, experienced on the job, has taken the extra courses, read all the books, done all the research and applied all the principles, to design a program uniquely created for your family and offer expert advice on a day-by-day basis, is much less exhausting!! I've spent my entire career learning these skills, worked with over twenty thousand babies, raised three of my own. I’ve devoted countless hours into researching the latest information from leading parenting experts. Being prepared for the journey of parenting and knowing how to give your child every advantage for the academic challenges that lie ahead, requires intervention and dedication. Parent consulting, baby coaching, gentle sleep solutions and early pre-school preparation, sets the foundation for happy, healthy, intelligent kids who are well balanced and emotionally stable.

Today more than ever, parents want their children to have every advantage they can to succeed in this ever changing world. The goal is to make that achievable for the next generation. Sleep is the new health trend! We know more about sleep than ever before and now recognize the impact it has on the developing brain and learning. Just like good nutrition, sleep builds the foundation for the structure of the developing brain. Simple actions can make a big difference in your child's life, knowing what those actions are, implementing proven parenting strategies, and accelerating learning in the first year through scientifically proven concepts, during windows of opportunity can significantly improve outcomes and provide your child with benefits that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about healthy sleep, it’s about building brains, establishing neural pathways, programming dendritic connections and establishing the number of stress receptors in a child’s brain for life. Changing the way we think about parenting, going beyond sleep coaching, and bringing early education into the home is the key to success!