Amazing Nannies Need Support!

"Children can feel abandoned when they say good-bye to their nanny."


Dear Fellow Mom, 

I know how it feels to worry and want what’s best for your child. I know how it feels to manage the homefront while juggling a career. I did this myself for many years before starting my own business and know the guilt, the stress, the anxiety, and the second guessing all too well! 

You may have an amazing nanny, and I know there so many great nannies who don’t get the recognition they deserve, but often our nannies are nurturing but not highly educated when it comes to early childhood development and parenting skills for challenging behavior! Nanny support is provided to help your family get on the same page when it comes to raising your child and support your nanny so you can maintain the relationship for the emotional wellbeing of your child. 

Support is provided for managing emotion and behavior through conscious parenting and connectedness. Who wouldn't want an incredible relationship to evolve between their nanny and their child. Whether your nanny needs a little help or a lot of help, babies and toddlers thrive and learn best when you have a village on your side! One caregiver can often feel overwhelmed and exhausted, with limited resources it can be challenging for even the most experienced nanny. 

For a job with this much responsibility shouldn’t we support, educate & follow up?

Emotionally Available Nannies

Proactively supporting your nanny, sharing the concepts of conscious parenting and optimizing emotional development for your baby is the key to success. Many school aged children sadly experience emotional turmoil related to the loss of a nanny or frequent turn overs with nanny experiences in the early years. Often parents don’t realize the strong bond these kids develop with their nanny. Switching nannies can be detrimental to your child’s wellbeing. Many nannies are loving and supportive caregivers but are missing the knowledge and education needed for supporting emotion. Applying conscious parenting principles will help your many navigate the emotional outbursts that come up during the day. By building deep connections, and practicing emotional intelligence for advanced learning concepts, we can have a uniform front for your child. Some nannies are excellent teachers but may lack nurturing skills, and some nannies have it all!! Hang on to that nanny if you’ve got her!! But before considering a new nanny please take a close look at my nanny support services and let’s work through these issues together, your child is attached to their caregiver and teaching these skills will enhance the relationship.  

“Are you trying to manage the home front from work, checking in throughout the day, concerned about how your little one is supported through emotional outbursts? ”

It can be hard to focus on your career when you're worried about your child. The responsibility of a nanny is far greater than many of us realize. The role of your nanny will affect your child’s future in many ways. Adding the Nurturing Nannies program to encourage better relationships, support your caregiver in her role, provide a resource for trouble shooting emotion and navigate challenging behavior will not only give you piece of mind but will help you keeper wonderful nanny! 

Your baby’s first three years of life are the most important time for brain development. The foundation is being laid, the brain’s architecture and primary connections are forming, and your baby will experience more brain development and internal growth in these first three years than at any other time in their lives. The rapid growth is known as an explosion period and synapses are being created at an alarming rate. Sophisticated networks are developing and emotional connections become more complex. 

Recognizing how important early education and ideal nurturing environments are to brain development I often wonder if I could have done more. My children are happy, healthy and very bright, I know I was a great mom, but I often question whether or not they were able to reach their maximum potential. What if those early years were managed more efficiently, in the ideal world, when they were tiny little sponges could I have made a bigger impact. As parents we all do the best job we can and balance our family responsibilities and needs accordingly. If you have a nanny who could use a program to improve learning and emotional development in your child, please contact me for more information.