Baby-Led Sleep through Conscious Parenting

Coaching, 1:1 consultations or educational workshops!



  • Understanding how our own emotion plays a role in our baby's sleep patterns, "The Ghosts in the Nursery."
  • Baby emotion and development, how emotion affects temperament, attachment and sleep associations.
  • Why your baby's right brain dominance matters so much and how to be more attuned to his or her cues
  • Co-regulation between the primary caregiver and baby, how to optimize this tool and use natures design
  • Understanding tears and connection, what is healthy emotional expression, when to soothe your baby vs down-regulate
  • Introduction to conscious parenting and how mindful mothering improves sleep habits for her baby
  • Sleep science, rhythms, patterns and routines, the details of sleep consulting and basics of sleep foundations
  • Balancing nutrition and sleep, weaning strategies and options for managing night feeds
  • Containment and connection, the art of balancing it all within a child's appropriate developmental stage 

A careful balance must be acheived while establishing sleep foundations and encouraging co-regulation between mother & child. The central nervous system remains immature and cannot regulate from distress. Trust in the world and the core self is forming. Babies need their momma's, as well as frequent feeds at this young age. Breastfeeding must be protected at all costs and always comes first!! Babies are very dependent on their mothers, emotional safety also comes first! Babies sense of danger when separated from momma.

Independent sleep is a process of development. If we were in living in "tribes," your baby would be sleeping on you!! Safe sleep practices in western culture mean we must adapt and help babies to feel safe sleeping without momma. By recognizing and respecting the emotional needs of your baby while supporting healthy sleep habits, we can carefully make the shift without using any form of sleep training.

The one hour newborn sleep session is the perfect solution for avoiding barriers that prevent blissful sleep, while learning the early sleep cues and emotional responses from an early age, that can prevent sleep challenges down the road! If your baby is at least 5.5 months old and having frequent night wakings, difficulty settling, short naps, early risings, split nights or rocky starts, you can begin the process of sleep coaching by shifting the comfort zone and supporting emotion in arms. 

Encouraging your baby to self-settle is not the same as "sleep training." You will not be leaving your baby to cry alone, I do not promote emotional isolation. Self-soothing implies that baby can down-regulate emotion from hysterics, this is not my belief and as such, the term self-settling is used to describe natural self regulating patterns. A baby who remains calm after you leave them, and can surrender to sleep is a baby who feels safe & secure in their environment. This takes time to achieve but is absolutely possible!!

The sleep process involves guiding, helping, supporting and respecting the baby's limits. You will first balance the foundations and build up the underlying components that support sleep, work on emotional synchronization with awareness, self reflection, pause, patience, compassion, empathy, respect and a deeper understanding of the emotional mirror through conscious parenting. Lastly, you will watch your baby for cues that indicate readiness for independent sleep.

Sleep science gives us many clues and provides an excellent foundation for sleep structure at each stage of development, understanding the chemistry behind sleep and the basics of sleep drive and circadian rhythm will help you meet your baby’s needs more effectively. Looking at all factors that contribute to sleep, is imperative to long term success. Balancing nutrition, emotion and activity can go along way! Education on the biology of sleep, wake windows, temperament and developmental markers are also important before removing any sleep association. Positive affirmation and emotional connection is imperative for long term success. 

" I will teach you how to identify your baby’s emotions, support them with empathy, use sleep science and manage nutrition to allow sleep to evolve. By understanding each developmental stage and remaining emotionally available, your baby will sleep without compromising other needs. The program is about educating parents from a holistic approach!"


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