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Online parent coaching and certified sleep consultant. Sleep sessions provided internationally online, Skype or Conference Calls. Sleep coaching is provided to shift the paradigm on sleep solutions, to solve sleep challenges by creating the right conditions for the child, through connected relationships, meeting the emotional needs, applying sleep science, balancing nutrition, and creating emotional safety in the child's sleep space. Parent coaching is combined with sleep support to teach the concepts of conscious parenting, emotional wellness, boundaries and connection. Parents need the inner work first, having someone else get your child to fall asleep is not a long term solution. Parents are the ones responding each and every night! Beyond sleep solutions, parenting support is provided up to age six for challenges and behavioral concerns through conscious parenting.

Shawnee is also the co-creator of Baby-Led Sleep and a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She is an expert sleep consultant for "The Bump" magazine, "Lucy" &  "Pre-conceive" consulting group. Shawnee is also a member of "Limor Weinsteins"  team of experts in Manhattan. Limor provides a team of professionals who represent the "best of the best" in NYC. Referrals for pediatricians, nannies, nanny training, counseling, therapy, nutritional support and additional parenting services available.