Serving clients internationally

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Online parent coaching and sleep sessions by Skype or phone. Coaching & counseling is provided to parents for education, support and emotional connection. Parents need the tools themselves, as they are the ones responding each and every night! Beyond sleep training, parents must understand the reason for the sleep challenges as well as various solutions they can provide. Sleep is emotional and often connected to the parent-child relationship. ***Currently the waiting list for new clients is approximately two weeks***

Serving clients from the Seacoast of New England to NYC, as well as all of North America. Majority of my clients are local, either living in CT or Manhattan. Many clients contact me from abroad. Once a month, I spend a week on the UES. My summers are mostly on the coast, & the remaining time is in Greenwich CT. Most of my work is done through Skype or phone consultations, I provide unlimited support with 1:1 daily connections for all my clients, so I am available from any location.  

Past clients from the various professions & locations include: 

Stay at home mom's, working mom's, single mom's, executive mom's, celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO's, Physicians and Psychologists.

***Manhattan, UES, UWS, Brooklyn, Greenwich, Long Island, The Hamptons, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, California, Colorado, Portsmouth, San Diego, Los Angela's, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, Australia, Italy, Dubai, South Africa and the UK to name a few!

If coaching is not what you need and more advanced professional support is required, I am happy to connect you with " Dr. Jessica Escott PsyD" a NYC based clinical psychologist, colleague and dear friend. With a private practice dedicated to the mental health issues that present themselves in the first few years of parenting, Dr. Escott is sensitive, empathetic and understanding. She has extensive training in her field of expertise, especially with parent child attachment issues. Parents can begin sleep work with me and continue with Dr. Escott for more complex cases. I am also happy to connect you with Dr. Patricia Barros, for extended parent coaching into the school years and teens. By providing extended services, we can identify additional needs for your family and offer support where it will benefit you the most!!

Shawnee is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, is an expert sleep consultant for "The Bump" magazine and  "Pre-conceive" consulting group. Shawnee is also a member of "Limor Weinsteins"  team of experts in Manhattan. Limor provides a team of professionals who represent the "best of the best" in NYC. Referrals for pediatricians, nannies, nanny training, counseling, therapy, nutritional support and additional parenting services available.