Newborn Sleep: "Baby-Led Sleep" 0-6mos $150


Newborn Sleep: "Baby-Led Sleep" 0-6mos $150


Sleep Prep & Sleep Foundations:

The path to better sleep!

  • Includes Intake forms: Temperament Evaluation, Sleep Assessment & Emotional Wellness
  • 1-2hr Phone or Skype call to address needs, discuss current challenges, review expectations, sleep science and solutions for better sleep. **Hand-outs give you the tools needed for stages of baby sleep & habit prevention later on!
  • Assessment of baby's sleep environment 
  • How to create the ideal sleep space, "Safe Baby Spa!"
  • How to read baby cues, anticipate needs and understand crying
  • Practices through conscious parenting and emotional support
  • Learn how to create positive associations with sleep 
  • Steps to extend night sleep in stages and expectations by age!
  • A review of educational material and recommendations 
  • Mom is asked to take notes and one follow up email is provided for extra support within one week of the consultation. 

*** Sleep Plans are not provided & success rates are ALWAYS better when parents have a coach!! Research on sleep work has proven this FACT. Please know the extent of the challenges and have realistic expectations. 

  • Babies 4mos-12mos: Plan ahead, we will review, birth history, nutrition, emotion, bonding and attachment, breastfeeding, solids, practice of self soothing, how to teach your baby, what it looks like, sleep science and expectations.
  • We will talk about energy & stress transferred to babies, emotional co-regulation, downloading, conscious parenting
  • My approach is to get sleep without using a behavioral strategy first, to build confidence and support the child along the way. 
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