Mini Sleep Solutions: Babies 6-12mos $350


Mini Sleep Solutions: Babies 6-12mos $350


Support for ONE sleep challenge!! 1hr Session + 1 week of coaching

  • Includes, three client intake forms: professional sleep assessment, baby's temperament, emotional wellness
  • 1-hr Phone or Skype consultation, (conference calls available)   
  • During the call, we will review your child's sleep challenges, family dynamics, the role of co-regulation with sleep, and integrated parental emotion. We will discuss the power of positive play, sleep science, foundations for better sleep, nutrition, feeding schedules, emotional connectedness, and trading associations. We will also review shifting comfort zones, ideal schedules, patterns, routines, rhythms, and story telling strategies.
  • After the initial call, we will tackle ONE challenge: Example: Independently falling asleep, weaning night feeds, atypical night wakings, split night, early rising, short naps, nap transition, etc...
  • Customized easy to follow plan for managing "one" challenge
  • One week of coaching support

Details of the next level of support:

  • Complete Sleep Programs: include intake forms with a 1-hr consultation by Phone or Skype
  • The second call is provided to discuss the sleep plan once drafted and answer any questions
  • Daily morning review of your child's sleep logs with on-going communication and assessment of graphs and trends
  • Recommendations are suggested daily based on trends
  • Coaching emails sent daily, 15min check-in's by phone are provided M-W-F, along with unlimited availability by text, email or phone (M-F, 8am-5pm) for every nap! Extended support can also be purchased for evenings and weekends.
  • The final week is wrapped up with a go-forward plan & a follow-up phone call for 30 minutes to use down the road. (good for 3mos after coaching)
  • Emotional wellness is the number one challenge for babies and toddlers when it comes to sleep! Behavioral plans don't always address your baby or child's emotional needs, supporting emotional regulation and teaching emotional safety during the day is necessary to avoid an emotional crisis for your child.
  • A detailed review of nutrition, activity, sensory development and attention to wonder weeks are also key factors, behavioral strategies are applied when needed, but only after emotion has been addressed and daytime lessons for learning sleep skills.
  • Deeper review of health, birth history, family dynamics, parenting style, nursery, developmental stage, traditional sleep solutions and non-traditional supported sleep solutions, The path to gentle parenting, your personal map and values that are tailored to your parenting belief and baby's temperament.
  • Detailed customized plans discuss all areas of development in the Complete Sleep Program
  • Include daily interactions, unlimited text/email/phone calls and support with education information provided daily by email
  • Parts one & two, with steps for change and tips for building deeper emotional connections to your baby or child
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**Currently the waiting list for new clients is 2 weeks