Two Weeks Private Coaching


Two Weeks Private Coaching


Complete Sleep Plan: 2-weeks

  • New Client Intake forms, complete evaluation and investigation 
  • 1-hr initial phone or skype consultation to discuss challenges 
  • Detailed customized sleep plan addressing all areas of development and emotional wellness tools for better sleep
  • Complete sleep 1:1 support, two weeks of coaching by phone, text, email or Skype: Scheduled calls set up M-W-F 
  • This package will provide you with everything you need to know about sleep. Building safety & security, adding positive affirmations, work through mom, emotional synchrony with daytime lessons, co-regulations, emotional processing skills, use of patterns, rhythms, routines, play therapy & more.  
  • Removing the layers of a sleep association, avoiding excessive tears, organizing foundations, and how to maintain habits for long term healthy sleep to develop.
  • Two weeks MINIMUM is the time needed for your baby to make a change, it can take up to four weeks to establish 
  • Two weeks may not be enough time for multiple challenges but we will address calming tools through mom, self-settling from a place of relaxation at bedtime and reducing night wakings
  • Sleep changes in two weeks is a tall order for a young baby!
  • 3-4 weeks is recommended for multiple sleep challenges.
  • The "Go-forward" plan is provided, will give you tips to wrap things up on your own or additional support is also an option.
  • The complete sleep plan and daily email education will help you really understand what's going on behind your child's behavior. Detailed documents provided, required foundations are discussed and reviewed with a layered approach that not only respects your child, but allows you to truly listen and  respond to their needs. Extended parent coaching is recommended beyond sleep work.
  • Extra coaching support is available and can be purchased for nights and weekends at an additional cost
  • Daily coaching includes a morning check-in, your baby's sleep log review, text/email support throughout day, x3 scheduled calls/wk, access to me by phone 8am-5pm, as needed, M-F, assistance with nap decisions through texting, plus a final 30-minute follow up call at the end of the program.


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** We currently have a two week waiting list for sleep coaching.**