Parenting Strategy Sessions: Sleep Strategy Sessions

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Parenting Strategy Sessions: Sleep Strategy Sessions


Hourly Rate Billed for 1:1 Coaching

  • Complete Evaluation: Assessment & Investigation: Questionnaires on temperament, emotional wellness, sleep history, health, birth, parenting styles, nutrition, feeding routines, and parents emotional wellbeing 
  • 1hr Sleep Consultation by Skype or phone to discuss changes, create a plan, review daytime parenting, emotional needs etc.
  • Assessment of child's sleep environment, discussion on SIDS safety and optimal conditions for sleep  
  • Recommendations and solutions with an understanding of sleep science, baby cues, overtired solutions, where to start 
  • Ways to discover your child's natural biorhythms, internal clock, sleep needs, emotional development and parenting response 
  • Naps, transitions: Wake Windows: Night owl or lark?
  • Action plan for newborn sleep PREP: The nudge for "sleep without sleep training" Self-settling after 6mos. Toddler sleep with emotional wellness, connection, boundaries and a deeper parent-child relationship
  • Bedtime routines by age, patterns of predictability
  • Managing bedtime and sleep associations
  • Teaching trust and supporting emotion at the same time
  • Synchronizing emotions, the emotional download from parents, the beginning of self-regulation, why not use behavioral modification, latest research in neuroscience 
  • Self-awareness and reflection, how parents influence sleep
  • Knowing how to set limits with natural consequences 
  • Understanding how temperament, sensory needs, stress and attachment affect sleep and what your child needs from you
  • Sleep foundations, the recipe that supports a child's ability to surrender to normal healthy sleep, feeling safe and secure 
  • Nutrition, balanced meals, calories, reverse cycling, picky eaters 
  • Discussion regarding activity and sensory integration for sleep, along with CNS development and managing sleep regressions
  • Distraction, avoidance and when to face the fears head on
  • Toddler tools and stories to support healthy sleep
  • Tips, passes, products, night lights or not? What works & what doesn't? Why the robot parent isn't best option for silent return
  • Social interactions and how daycare affects sleep
  • How and why children process emotions at nighttime
  • The benefits of play therapy and discovery play
  • Enhanced connectedness with your child for security
  • Managing night terrors and nightmares
  • Night wakings, weaning feeds, pacifiers, bottles and more
  • Bedwetting and potty training with sleep timing
  • Conscious parenting and sleep solutions

Personalized sessions are designed to provide a full investigation into your child's sleep, behavior and emotional challenges to uncover areas that need further support. Behavior is always a message, we often need to look deeper! We will discuss the questionnaires, details of your child's sleep issues, options for sleep solutions, emotional wellness work, and foundations, sleep process and what steps to take: From birth to age six, these consultations are about parenting not changing children

One-hour sessions**Do not include written sleep plans but do include a summary email. Written plans are provided for three-week coaching clients only as a guide with daily check-in's and adjustments as needed.

  • Option available to "ADD-ON" support package after the consultation week-by-week 
  • "Complete Sleep Package" includes this initial in-depth session plus three weeks of full support and 1:1 coaching ***recommended as a package for best value.

Weekly coaching support includes x3 scheduled phone sessions/wk and unlimited text/email/ phone support as needed. 



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