Complete Sleep Package: 3wks


Complete Sleep Package: 3wks


Complete Sleep with Shawnee Baker


    •    Review of initial intake forms, sleep assessment, and evaluation: 1hr

    •    Virtual or phone consultation for 1hr to discuss forms and challenges discovered.  This discussion will cover all the steps and the process for the coaching. Realistic expectations, developmental stage, emotional concepts, sleep science, sleep environment, establishing rhythms, feeding plans, sleep associations, the nudge, night weaning, eliminating night wakings, preventing early rise, bedtime routines and naps.


    •    Video review of nursery with recommendations for the ideal sleep environment and how to best implement changes:  .5hrs

    •    Detailed customized sleep plan drafted within 48hrs, addressing all areas of development and emotional wellness for better sleep: 2hrs

    •    1:1 ongoing personalized coaching, sleep advice and support, through the process of shifting comfort zones, step-by-step, day-by-day, with three weeks of unlimited text and email:  Aprox 2.5hrs

    •    Scheduled sleep strategy sessions M-W-F by phone: Total of 3hrs

    •    Email modules for everything you need to know about sleep, emotion and how to balance your child's natural rhythm at each stage of development

    •    Concepts for building emotional safety and security, adding positive affirmations, emotional synchronization, daytime sleep lessons, use of patterns, rhythms, routines, and play therapy

    •    Removing the layers of a sleep association, avoiding excessive tears, organizing sleep foundations, managing regressions, coping with teething, travel, room sharing, new siblings, illness and major life changes down the road!

    •    Scaffolding approach used  with emotional connection and empathy for long-term healthy sleep habits that follow gentle parenting philosophies

    •    **Please note three weeks is the MINIMUM time needed for your baby or toddler to make a change. They need time to master new skills and let go of the old way, please don’t rush them or push them. It can take four+ weeks for some children with spirited temperaments to master healthy sleep habits

    •    You will be provided with a "Go-forward" plan on completion of the program with tips for travel and illness

    •    Extra coaching support is available and can be purchased for evening calls, weekends or extended coaching week by week if needed at $200

    •    All daily coaching includes a morning check-in, sleep logs, daily questionnaire, review of your baby's sleep and correspondence by text or email support throughout the day

  •     All scheduled calls are done by phone M-W-F, hours are 8am-5pm. 


  • This program provides x10hrs of service time at a significantly reduced cost! 
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    **Currently the waiting list is two weeks for coaching support. 

    **Please purchase the extended sleep package for $200 if you are booking for two children, twins or siblings