Three Weeks Private Coaching


Three Weeks Private Coaching


Multiple Sleep Challenges: (Bedtime/wakings/naps)

  • The package includes everything you need for long term success! A comprehensive package that supports parents from start to finish, typically 3weeks. (Parent Coaching Extra)
  • Three weeks will allow enough time for emotional support, shifting your baby or toddler's comfort zone, encouragement for self-settling when regulation is addressed, night weaning, early rising, naps and bedtime challenges, and if it's not enough...we will keep going! .... the ability to pause for 1wk. 
  • If you need more extensive support I recommend upgrading to the parent coaching intensive sleep work plan for $950
  • As with all packages, the three-week plan includes: X3 questionnaires, 1-hr sleep consultation by Phone or Skype
  • Full Investigative review & assessment of individual case
  • Nursery assessment and sleep environment review
  • We will address the basics of sleep, the emotional components needed for safety and adaptability. Sleep foundations, sleep strategies, adding new associations and making the trade, shifting the comfort zone, the process of "stay and support" with a focus on conscious parenting. Discussions as needed by phone regarding behavior and emotion, ways to manage your child's emotional wellness and support them through change. Concepts for practicing daytime adaptability, as young as 6months old. Holding the space and being present, daytime sleep lessons, supporting your child in the process of planning sleep and respecting your child's self-expression. 
  • A complete personalized sleep plan that considers your child's voice and allows for a respectful response to their needs. 
  • Unlimited daily support by text or email, on-going sleep log review, and suggestions. Sleep consults scheduled by phone M-W-F, morning check-ins, sleep graph assessments, text/email/phone questions, trouble shooting and deeper foundation work for sleep addressing the root of the problem
  • Available from 8am-5pm, M-F for nap support, schedule challenges, behavior, & emotion. Additional time can be purchased for bedtime support calls or weekends. 
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**Currently the waiting list is two weeks for coaching support.