Intensive Sleep: Twins, Siblings, "High Needs"& Co-Sleeper-Crib! $950

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Intensive Sleep: Twins, Siblings, "High Needs"& Co-Sleeper-Crib! $950


Optimal Package: "Spirited or High Needs" OR "Two Children!"

  • Everything in the complete sleep package, plus x6 parent coaching calls for limit setting and daytime parenting support. Coaching and trouble shooting for with the "how-to" details!!
  • Extra support is always needed for complex cases, spirited or high needs babies, twins or siblings. These children just need more emotional support and so do you!! They need longer transition time to adapt to change & coaching is a little more extensive with holding your hand and providing longer coaching calls that get to the parenting challenges that are holding you back. A look at "what's really going on" and support through conscious parenting to truly connect.
  • A great package for gentle parents who prefer to be more responsive and truly supportive method for emotional wellbeing concepts. With coaching geared towards mom following baby's lead & using "Baby-Led" Sleep Solutions.
  • Allowing the child to have more of a voice, to express themselves when things are moving too fast! Includes an extensive emotionally supportive and responsive sleep plan, required foundations education and a multi-layered approach. Extra parent coaching support is included for 4-6weeks, with accessibility on weekends, daily calls in the first week due to complexity of the case, & scheduled 30min calls on M-W-F for the following weeks.
  • Total of X8hrs in phone consultations throughout the process with x2 calls upfront and a follow-up call at the end
  • Unlimited text/email/phone support M-F from 8-5pm
  • Daily graph & trend review in baby connect with daily recommendations for changes to schedule
  • Please track your child's sleep logs. Daily assistance avail for nap decisions by text. A final 30-minute follow up call at the end of the program can be used within 3months. Extra support at bedtime can be added to the plan! 
  • This program allows for extensions if your baby gets sick, becomes overwhelmed and needs a break, if you need to pause, things can be put on hold during the program for 1 week max, but must resume after that or restart will be needed. 
  • Night owl is perfect for siblings or twins, a great program for babies with a medical history, co-sleepers, a baby considered "high needs" or for families who have tried sleep coaching before and been unsuccessful. Often recommended for babies who have experienced trauma, surgery, stress, multiple nannies, lots of changes, or for families who have tried CIO and now need another approach!
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** Due to popular demand the waiting list for sleep coaching is aprox two weeks. **