Sleep Workshops and Online Courses: $100.00

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Toddler Sleep Photo.jpg

Sleep Workshops and Online Courses: $100.00


Parenting solutions through Sleep! Online comprehensive sleep education with a focus on the basics and sleep science, complete breastfeeding course and toddler nutrition for better sleep. Watch at your own pace, 9 video lessons with access to references, PDF's, articles and more. Hand-outs and information to download.

Once completed you will have access to our more in-depth sleep course is based on managing the emotion. This is where the magic happens! Dive deep into the parenting solutions that teach you how to complete the sleep work. You will get X4 weeks of online video lessons, hand-outs, weekly interactive webinars,  a personal work journal, reflection piece, interaction with other moms in similar situations, a one-hour personal consultation with one of us, plus weekly group calls, professional advice from X2 Sleep Consultants, Educators, IBCLC's, Parent Coaches, One teacher & One RN, plus our combined experience and education.

  • Mother's Journal to build your own sleep plan
  • x7 emails prior to starting program to prepare for the change
  • 2016 documentary: leading experts in neuroscience on babies 
  • Live lessons each day or catch up later on and ask questions
  • Topics such as why babies & toddlers need sleep, what's normal and what isn't, expectations, emotional wellness, secure attachment, sleep science, balancing it all, how to allow your toddler to lead the way, avoiding sleep barriers, recognizing emotional needs & temperament, and more...
  • Comprehensive approach to nurturing nighttime parenting
  • Different from attachment parenting, as we provide sleep solutions and balance the needs of everyone in the family
  • Over x15 experts have written articles for the group
  • Each day we provide new research and links to top sites, parenting experts, books, and videos beyond sleep support 
  • Q & A done by live video daily, post your questions after each lesson and they will be answered every day.
  • Case studies offered on the last day and coaching for 2 more weeks!
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