A Journey Beyond Sleep....

There's an overwhelming amount of advice & information out there...but information alone, is not enough to solve every problem.

Hundreds of families seek professional services to assist them with sleep coaching everyday. Main stream sleep support involves "sleep training" which implies extinguishing signal crying at night, conditioning or controlling your child's sleep through behavioral strategies. My diverse background provides me with extensive knowledge in baby and toddler development, as well as alternative solutions for supporting emotional wellness through co-regulation. I use a combination of conscious parenting and sleep science, with rhythms, play therapy, touch, sound, scent, positive associations, feeding strategies and emotional connection, to support babies and toddlers to feel safe and secure in their sleep space in order to practice self-settling skills. Beginning with the foundations that influence sleep we make changes that help solve the sleep puzzle. Connecting, topping up the emotional bank account, adding developmental choices and using positive affirmations empower babies and toddlers. Gently setting limits, shifting comfort zones and removing the layers that prevent consolidated sleep with the right energy, internal shift and emotion create a very different response. While remaining emotionally available to your child you can remove the concern of intermittent reinforcement and shift away from old paradyms. Trading one sleep association for another is also helpful for keeping stress levels down. My approach focuses on balancing your baby's needs, maximizing the ingredients that promote the parent-child connection, optimize brain development and encourage emotional stability. By first looking at sleep foundations, shifting emotions, making small changes, creating positive connections and finally, encouraging independence. Together, we can help your baby learn to “feel good” about sleep. By using sleep science rules and understanding the biology behind sleep we can focus on your baby's natural biorhythms and applying the four pillars of sleep to"kick start" the melatonin release.

Beyond Sleep...Parent Coaching to help you solve the biggest challenges of raising a small child! 

As the co-creator of Baby-Led Sleep, a member of Limor Weinstein's parent consulting group, affiliated with Lucy Consulting, Pre-Conceive, Building Connected Communities,  Conscious parenting and "the bump" magazine, I am happy to refer you to professionals when needed, who are the best in the industry for further support with feeding issues, nutrition, occupational therapy, sensory issues, pediatric dietitians, naturopaths, complete nanny placement services & vetting, child psychologists, family therapists, health coaches and additional parent coaching professionals.

Many families question the necessity of paying for a sleep coach and wonder if they can tackle sleep on their own.

Sleep can be managed without extra help, but for many families they often apply a method without knowing if it's the right one for them. When applying a method it makes sense to balance the needs and to follow sleep science rules first, if you are missing the other five components of healthy sleep you may not reach your goal. There may be subtle signs that contribute to these sleep issues and figuring out the root of the problem is necessary for long term success. Sleep disturbances can re-occur, over and over again and seem confusing. Sleep is just the tip of the iceberg and methods only work when everything else is well balanced. Advanced Nurturing not only supports sleep solutions but also takes a closer look at feeding schedules, nutrition, activity and parent child attachment with recommendations form Dr. Jessica Escott PsyD. The stress of endlessly researching every scenario, self educating on sleep, recognizing cues in your own baby and avoiding confusion while enduring several sleepless nights and stressful episodes of crying is bad enough! Add the fear of not knowing if your doing the right and questioning every behavior, is often too much for families to handle and many are not successful. Your own feeling and emotions often get in the way and need further investigation. That's where we can help! It takes a village, and sleep is often the first door open to finding the village of support you need. 

For some  parents, having a child who wakes through the night up until the age of five is often not worth the risk. When you consider a sleep coach, make sure they line up with your values and parenting philosophies. The cost you pay for several years of night sleep, advanced parenting skills, along with better health and well-being for your baby, is equivalent to a couple of dinners out or staying in a nice hotel! When you think about how important sleep really is, and what benefits your baby will gain from consolidated night sleep, the investment is well worth it and makes perfect sense. 

Just as you would pay for music lessons, gym classes or an education for your little one, outsourcing sleep services is a big decision. Know the credentials of your sleep coach and ask for referrals. Your coach is like a family therapist and will work very closely with you for a few weeks, be sure you have a good fit. Know you are getting the best provider and high quality service. Although you may prefer a coach with a sleep PhD, often someone with years in the trenches has more knowledge than those with many years in the books. Consider all your options and be prepared to do the work yourself. Having an evaluation of your baby's sleep needs by a professional, improves the quality of life for the whole family. 

Knowing that babies spend more time sleeping than doing anything helps us recognize the importance of sleep. Their bodies are working hard to build the foundations, structures and connections in their brain. Brain development occurs during sleep and has been proven to be more efficient with consolidated sleep, increasing brain function as well as brain size when a baby's sleep is well managed. When parents understand their baby better and can assist them through development in the early years, a child’s potential is significantly increased and future generations benefit from these advances. Proactive parents hire sleep coaches and parenting consultants to educate, empower, encourage and support them in their most important job!

A written sleep plan, without day-to-day support and coaching may not get you the same results!

Professional consulting services teach parents, babies, nannies and grandparents the benefits of quality sleep while closely monitoring attachment and bonding with the developing brain through sleep science and emotional regulation. Besides educating families and modifying customized programs, it is also important to have a coach who can navigate the journey with you! Personal trainers benefit their clients by supporting and encouraging them along the way, tweaking plans to suit the target areas and adjusting along the way. Sleep coaching is very similar, if you are an exhausted parent who needs reassurance and guidance during this difficult stage of parenting, and someone who can clearly see where the issues are please consider adding the extra hours of coaching! This is money well spent!! My job is to support you, teach you, reassure you and help you problem solve your baby’s sleep and behavior while addressing the needs along the way, even through the most challenging moments! 

**All aspects of Advanced Nurturing are evidence based and safely implemented to provide a positive outcome. Methods used are supported by child psychologists, pediatricians, attachment parenting specialists and holistic sleep practitioners throughout North America. As always, the AAP guidelines are followed 100% at all times. Emotional wellness and building relationships are the focus and align with research & guidelines from infant mental health and attachment theory. The practice of conscious parenting as an educator is supported by founder, Dr. Shefali. Dr. Shefali - Awaken Yourself to a World of Change with Dr. Shefali  Studies have shown that previously established methods, now used in Advanced Nurturing, accelerate the emotional and cognitive ability of young children and significantly improve the relationship between parent and child.