An overwhelming amount of advice and information in a world full of data, leaves us feeling disconnected from our own natural instincts, where we no longer trust ourselves.


What kind of relationship do you want to have with your child?

With all parenting choices, it is important to consider your relationship before deciding what approach to use. Sleep changes don't have to create a disconnect or feel detached and isolating. Sleep solutions can be aligned with a mothers intuaition and allowing her to trust and listen to her instincts.  Sleep is often the first parenting challenge that comes up and is also the first step towards emotional healing for everyone.  By understanding early emotion, and creating deeper relationships you can both learn and grow from this process.  Recognizing changes in early childhood development, sleep patterns, attachment styles, the role of the CNS, routines, patterns, regulation and dysregulation will help you support your baby through change. Knowing what's normal and setting realistic expectations is imperative to having a well-balanced child. 


We are different because we look at managing nighttime parenting rather than eliminating it.  By simply removing nighttime parenting to promote sleep, you are not teaching emotional skills. We address the emotional needs of the child, balance sleep rhythms, change associations and foster relationships.  Sleep is often a direct reflection of early attachment patterns, early experiences and stress reactivity, which is why each case is unique and each topic must be assesed before making any recomendations. 


As the co-creator of Baby-Led Sleep, a member of Limor Weinstein's parent consulting group, affiliated with Lucy Consulting, Pre-Conceive, Building Connected Communities,  Conscious parenting and "the bump" magazine, I am happy to refer you to other professionals when needed. With a list of the best in the industry for further support with feeding, nutrition, occupational therapy, sensory issues, lactation, pediatric dentists, naturopaths, complete nanny placement services and vetting, child psychologists, family therapists, attachment psychologists, experts in PPD and PPA, health coaches and additional parent coaching professionals.

Many families question the necessity of paying for a sleep coach and wonder if they can tackle sleep on their own.

Sleep can be managed without extra help, but for many families this opens the door for big emotions where a lot of confusion can occur. Understanding why consolidated sleep is necessary, what normal sleep looks like at each stage and what is a reasonable expectation for your baby or child will help you navigate the process.  There may be hidden sleep barriers that are contributing to your baby or child's sleep challenges, finding the root of the problem is necessary for long term success. Sleep disturbances can re-occur, over and over again and seem confusing. Sleep is just the tip of the iceberg and looking beyond sleep is where you will discover the well-balanced child.

  • Want responsive parenting, nurturing concepts, compassion and respect?

  • Want an emotional connection, proven to promote early emotional intelligence?

  • Want a sleep program that allows you to trust your instincts as a mother?