Shawnee is amazing!! She knew exactly how to fix our sleep issues and got us back on track within days.I am so impresses with her!!
— Michelle J.Boston MA
I will say that after one call with Shawnee Baker over a week ago , I’ve got my almost 1 year old almost mastering falling asleep in the crib initially at night without needing me to nurse him to sleep
— Heather M. NYC
After our pediatrician recomended Shawnee’s services for gentle non-CIO sleep solutions , it was clear we had made the right choice! Shawnee is incredibly knowledgeable and understands how it feels to have a high needs baby.We has results within two weeks and are very jappy with her services!
— Danielle G. Boston,MA
The peace of mind I have following Shawnee’s plan has made a worlf of difference for us. Our baby is learning so much! I just didn;t have the time or knowledge to provide this for him .I can focus on my carrer knowing our nanny has the resources she needs with Shawnee’s services.
— Jennifer L. San Diego,CA
Shawnee has been incredible!! I have given her name out to 3 of my friends already! I’m not sure if they’ve been in touch but I’m sure they will.I always rave about Shawnee :) She has helped us so much! Our baby is finally sleeping.
— Ali E. Greenwich ,CJ
I just cannot thank you enough for all your help! You have changed our lives and given us the tools to become better parents. Not only is our son sleeping but we feel more connected than ever. We are so grateful for your services. Thank you!
— Alexa, NYC
Our baby went from being a baby who never slept to a happy , thriving , vibrant baby!! You have given our family such a wonderful gift! I can’t thank you enough! I highly recommend Shawnee’s services , she knows exactly what to do for your baby’s sleep!
— Katie J. Hamptons,Long Island, NY
Learning how much my own emotions and behavior affects my daughter’s sleep was a game changer. When I made the changes to myself, my baby began sleeping! I never wanted to do CIO and we are so happy we decided to use your services and trusted our instincts.
— Lauren, San Diego CA
My desire for the perfect home and a happy child made me lose sight of what being a GOOD parent was all about. This changed me as a mother, how crucial is THAT? Thank you for your wisdom and for helping us get our toddler to sleep through the night”
— Justine, Boston, MA
Shawnee, thank you again for all your support and advice! As a professional, I cannot thank you enough for your approach. When managing my own children it helps to have someone who shares the same philosophy. I will gladly recommend you to all my clients!
— Dr. Escott, Psy. D, Psychologist
I will say that after one call with Shawnee Baker over a week ago , I’ve got my almost 1 year old almost mastering falling asleep in the crib initially at night without needing me to nurse him to sleep
— Lori V.
You definitely stand out from the rest , and are so much more practical.I can tell you’re not just a professional, but a mom,too!
— Jessica E. NYC
Oh, we are so thankful for you!!!!! I recommend you to all my friends and will continue to sing your praises
— Megan, Chicago
He slept through the night!! I’ve iven your name out to several friends. Thank you so much. :)
— Dr Carina R. Surgeon, Long Island , NY
We were referred to Shawnee from a friend.Although we live in LA , we knew that Shawnee’s services came highly recommended and chose to work with her despite the different time zones .We found her approach to sleep and balancing emotional needs refreshing.The skills our baby learned far exceeded the necessary sleep lessons.Minimal crying and sleeping through the night by week three! Shawnee goes above and beyond!
— Jenna M. LA,CA
Words cannot express the hope that you have brought back to our little family with your sleep training method! Our little one started showing progress on day one .We are all more rested and whole lot happier!
— April S. Registered Dietation
I am so happy to hear you hav a medical background! Focusing on the whole child is exactly the approach I need.Knowing how to engage him at the right time, in the right age appropriate activity made all the difference! Not only is he learning a ton of new things , but this behavior has improved because of your techniques! I can’t thank you enough!
— Amy R. Newton , MA
Shawnee’s professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of pediatric sleep and child development is paramount! Having someone you can trust at a fragile time is so important. I cannot thank you enough for helping become the mother I am today! Beyond sleep support 100%
— Amy, Vancouver CA
A true lifesaver! I found my parenting style as well as answers to our sleep challenges. All in all, this was priceless! I cannot thank you enough!
— Michelle, Rye, NH
Shawnee’s work goes beyond traditional sleep coaching; it opens a portal for consciousness and deeper connection between parent and child. It is truly inspiring!
— Dr. Patricia Barros, Pediatrician & mom
This has been revolutionary for me! I have gotten so much out of your sleep program. I only wish everyone had access to this knowledge. It seems a shame that everyone doesn’t know this and I hope you will write a book so people can understand baby sleep better!
— Sydney, Chicago