I just cannot thank you enough for all your help! You have changed our lives and given us the tools to become better parents. Not only is our son sleeping but we feel more connected than ever. We are so grateful for your services. Thank you!
— Alexa, NYC
Learning how much my own emotions and behavior affects my daughter’s sleep was a game changer. When I made the changes to myself, my baby began sleeping! I never wanted to do CIO and we are so happy we decided to use your services and trusted our instincts.
— Lauren, San Diego CA
My desire for the perfect home and a happy child made me lose sight of what being a GOOD parent was all about. This changed me as a mother, how crucial is THAT? Thank you for your wisdom and for helping us get our toddler to sleep through the night”
— Justine, Boston, MA
Shawnee, thank you again for all your support and advice! As a professional, I cannot thank you enough for your approach. When managing my own children it helps to have someone who shares the same philosophy. I will gladly recommend you to all my clients!
— Dr. Escott, Psy. D, Psychologist
Oh, we are so thankful for you!!!!! I recommend you to all my friends and will continue to sing your praises
— Megan, Chicago
Shawnee’s professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of pediatric sleep and child development is paramount! Having someone you can trust at a fragile time is so important. I cannot thank you enough for helping become the mother I am today! Beyond sleep support 100%
— Amy, Vancouver CA
A true lifesaver! I found my parenting style as well as answers to our sleep challenges. All in all, this was priceless! I cannot thank you enough!
— Michelle, Rye, NH
Shawnee’s work goes beyond traditional sleep coaching; it opens a portal for consciousness and deeper connection between parent and child. It is truly inspiring!
— Dr. Patricia Barros, Pediatrician & mom