Parent Coaching for Sleep Solutions: Age 2-6yrs 

Private Coaching, 1:1 Consultations, Group Coaching, Educational Workshops



The Complete Sleep Package Includes


Assessment and review of all intake forms

One-hour initial consultation via phone or skype

Detailed sleep stratgegy session

Written and customized sleep plans

Sleep education package and sleep science review

x10 Email lessons: The puzzle peices for sleep

Written feeding plan as needed

Scheduled Sleep Sessions M-W-F x3wks

Facebook group community


Coaching Calls Include


Culture, lifestyle, expectations, environment, impulse control, emotional regulation and cognitive abilities

Controling the conditions not the child, how to establish boundaries, rhythms, patterns, predictability, and transitions

Tantrums, tears and connection, how to manage all three and build a stronger relationship with your child through sleep

Attachment, development, emotional downloading, body language, play therapy and more

Personal development for parents, hidden messages and loving limits, how to help your child without threats, bribes, control, using consequences or discipline

Bedtime solutions, night waking strategies, stalling tactics, removing a sleep association, managing nightmares, night terrors and more


"Being overprotective all day creates dependency. Abandoning a dependent child in their room at night, creates panic." Dr. Shefali


Toddlers need a different approach, what worked as a baby won't work anymore! Personalized services and parent coaching is designed specifically for toddlers. While nurturing and supporting your toddler, we will explore positive parenting strategies, the paradigm of conscious parenting, and emotionally supportive solutions that provide safe limits. Establishing new routines, mastering the art of connectedness, promoting autonomy within safe limits, while managing predictability is the key to success. In order to successfully solve your sleep issues, we must consider daytime parenting strategies and apply the skills needed to navigate sleep challenges now and down the road. 

It takes more than just sleep science to get your toddler to sleep at night! Toddlers are exploring the world and love to have a voice, it's up to us to give them a voice and make sure they feel listened too and understood. Containment for toddlers and setting loving limits help them feel safe. I like to think about the invisible walls, the boundaries you cannot see and how to use your presence to create them. Through positive affirmation and mindful parent child interactions, the goal is to promote emotional wellness, improve connectedness and understanding, allow autonomy to flourish and provide safe boundaries. Together we can build up foundations, teach emotional wellness, balance the needs, empower your child, nurture them and still give your child a voice when it’s appropriate for them to feel a sense of autonomy and control.

Consultations are needed to review your situation and customize a sleep plan specific for your child with coaching support that provides you with easy access and answers to questions as they come up along the way. When implementing a sleep plan, all aspects of your toddler or pre-schooler's day are considered. Sleep associations, sleep history, emotional wellness, anxieties, environment and cues, careful assessment of nutrition, activity and developmental stages. Positive connections and leadership roles for parents still fall under the philosophy of respectful parenting with appropriate limits.

The interactions throughout the day and details of bedtime cooperation are discussed. Sometimes solutions are hidden in the daytime behavior or expression of needs. It's hard to see the forest for the trees when you're the one in the situation. The key is to encourage sleep and secure feelings with sleep while promoting independence and fostering autonomy. Setting limits and keeping solid boundaries provides safety and security. With these principles aligned, the process of bedtime compliance begins to come together. Its the patterns that create a safe place for sleep! Your toddler will soon love sleeping and embrace the bedtime routine!!!

Along with behavioral and biological changes, it is also important to consider your emotions, stress levels, family dynamics, your work situation and your relationships. Poor sleep is the result of either an unbalanced schedule or an unbalanced child. Finding the answer may involve further investigation and support from another professional. Through my program you will have the opportunity to meet with a parenting psychologist to discuss these issues should they be necessary. Parents influence the child far more then you can imagine. Having the support of Dr. Jessica Escott to review your personal situation is an asset to the program, free 30min consultations are offered to every client. If you require further sessions with Dr. Jessica Escott, we can arrange that! Each profile is carefully reviewed by both of us. Either through sleep coaching or parent counseling, we will find the solution and help your child become well-balanced, healthy, happy and successful, not only with sleep but with learning, emotion and development!!