Parent Coaching for Sleep Solutions: 18mos-6yrs 

Private Coaching, 1:1 Consultations, Group Coaching, Educational Workshops


"Terrific toddlers are the most beautiful of all ages! Watch them learn and grow, let them be your teacher, so you can develop as a parent and evolve with them along the way. 

Toddler and Preschooler Sleep Packages  Include


Initially getting to know each other! Finding a good parenting match and understanding the process.

Complete assessment and review of all intake forms. Investigation of any sleep barriers or road blocks.

Detailed discussion of plan and changes needed, during our one-hour, initial 1:1 confernce call and consultation. 

This comprehensive sleep strategy session will address all aspects of parenting toddlers, boundaries, connection and emotion.

After the initial strategy session you will recieve a summary email, complimentary lesson on area of focus, and several resources.

Beyond the stretegy session the next coaching bundle includes 3hrs of conversation time to support you while making changes.

Parenting is hard! It takes a village!! Full coaching support includes unlimited texts/emails and three weeks of phone support.

Comprehensive 1:1 coaching for three weeks covers all your sleep and parenting challeges: 

  • Daytime routines, connected play, sleep rhythms, nutrition, developmental markers, boundaries and loving limits
  • Bedtime challenges, sleep associations, patterns, emotional needs, responsive parenting and security
  • Sleep needs, nightmares, night terrors,  prevention of early rise, frequent night wakings, false starts
  • Temperament requirements, sensory play, role modeling, activity, sunlight, ideal environments and more!

During the three weeks you will also receive the parenting package by email, this includes the puzzle peices for sleep

The puzzle peices include 15 lessons for building a stronger more connected relationship with your child through sleep.

You will also have scheduled calls every M-W-F for encouragement and guidance along the way, as well as daily texts

Along with coaching through behavioral challenges, emotion, sleep and parenting, you will have access to our online groups

Facebook group community, mommy village weekly webinars, baby-led sleep courses, and our e-book! 



Private Coaching Calls $150/hr

These can be booked any time for a complete assessment and review of sleep strategies

We will discuss establishing rhythms and routines, while following natural biorhythms

Supporting early emotion, responsive parenting, building trusting relationships and deeper connections

Why your child's right brain dominance matters so much, and how to be more attuned to body language cues

Co-regulation between the primary caregiver and toddler, how to optimize this tool and use natures design best

Understanding emotional development, regulation vs dysregulation and how the brain adjusts to change.

Introduction to conscious parenting and mindful mothering to improve behavior and sleep for your child

Tantrums, tears and connection, how to manage all three while balancing more choices and autonomy

Bedtime solutions, night waking strategies, stalling tactics, removing a sleep association, managing nightmares, night terrors

Sleep science, rhythms, patterns and routines, the details and basics of sleep foundationsBalancing nutrition and sleep, weaning strategies and options for managing night feeds if they still exist.


"Being overprotective all day creates dependency. Abandoning a dependent child in their room at night, creates panic." Dr. Shefali


Toddlers need a different approach, what worked as a baby won't work anymore! Personalized services and parent coaching is designed specifically for toddlers. While nurturing and supporting your toddler, we will explore positive parenting strategies. Shifting the paradigm towards conscious parenting and emotionally supportive solutions that provide safe limits. Establishing new routines, mastering the art of connectedness, promoting autonomy, blancing choices and allowing exploration within safe limits. An exciting age for little ones but also a scary time as they discover how small, dependant and weak they are. Managing predictability and creating safety is the key to success. In order to successfully solve your sleep issues, we must consider daytime parenting strategies and apply the skills needed to navigate sleep challenges now and down the road. 

It takes more than just sleep science to get your toddler to sleep at night. Toddlers are exploring the world and love to have a voice, it's up to us to give them a voice and make sure they feel heard and understood. Containment for toddlers gives them comfort and setting loving limits help them feel safe. I like to think about the invisible walls, the boundaries you cannot see and how to use your emotional presence to create them. Through positive affirmation and mindful parent child interactions, the goal is to promote emotional wellness, improve connectedness and bridge the gap towards deeper understanding. Together we can build foundations, teach emotional wellness, balance the needs, empower your child, nurture them and still give your child a voice when it’s appropriate for them to feel a sense of autonomy and control.

Consultations are needed to review your situation and customize a sleep plan specific for your child with parent coaching support that provides you with easy access and answers to questions as they come up along the way. When implementing a sleep plan, all aspects of your toddler or pre-schooler's day are considered. Play, free time, discovery, school, the village of caregivers, nutrition and emotion. Sleep associations, sleep history, fears, anxieties, environment and cues.  Careful assessment of activity and developmental stages are needed to be certain nothing else is going on. Positive connections and leadership for parents still falls under the philosophy of respectful and gentle parenting with appropriate limits.

The interactions throughout the day and details of bedtime cooperation are always discussed ahead of time. Sometimes solutions are hidden in the daytime behavior or expression of needs. It's hard to see the forest for the trees when you're the one in the situation, I've worked with many pediatriacians, surgeons, child psychologists and therapists to solve sleep challenges. Along with behavioral and biological changes, it is also important to consider your emotions, stress levels, family dynamics, your work situation and your relationships.

Poor sleep is the result of either an unbalanced schedule or an unbalanced child. Through my program you will have the opportunity to meet with a parenting psychologist if you choose, to discuss these issues further should they be necessary. Parents influence the child far more then you can imagine. Having the support of Dr. Jessica Escott to review your personal situation is an asset to the program. She provides a free 30min consultation to every client at your request. If you require further sessions with Dr. Jessica Escott, we can arrange that through her office.  Together we will find the solution and help your child become well-balanced, healthy, happy and successful, not only with sleep but with behavior, emotional growth, learning, and development!!